What to avoid when decorating your home

We’ve recently shared different ideas and suggestions for beautifying your Milwaukee area home. And, while it’s nice to focus on the positive, sometimes it’s necessary to determine what you should avoid doing when it comes to home design. Of course, people will have their own opinions on the matter, but we’ve curated a few examples that you may find helpful. 

When decorating your home, try to remember the following tips: 

Don’t allow yourself to be too influenced by others – It’s always nice to get feedback from a trusted friend – or even a professional interior designer – but ultimately you need to remember that this is your home. If you have your heart set on painting the walls bright yellow, go for it. You can always make changes down the line. 

Don’t overcrowd your home – There can be a fine line between well-positioned knick knacks and clutter. Rather than putting all your collectibles out on display, consider rotating  them so that there aren’t too many personal treasures distracting from your beautiful home. 

Don’t rely on paint chips – Even if you’re convinced that you’ve found the perfect color for your living room, it’s impossible to tell how it will look in your home from a paint chip. You need to consider other variables such as lighting and how well the hue matches everything else in the space. Once you’ve selected a paint color you like, buy a quart of it and paint a small section of the wall so you can truly visualize how it will look.

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