What are some best practices for decorating a small space?

Best practices for decorating your home or apartment vary depending on a number of factors – one of which is size. Fortunately, even if you don't inhabit a huge space, there are tips and tricks you can incorporate to maximize the look and feel of a small room. 

Here are some suggestions to consider: 

Be mindful of proportions – If the sofa of your dreams is large and bulky, you may want to put off purchasing it until you move into a larger home. It's a good idea to opt for furniture that fits the scale of the overall space. 

Experiment with dark colors – "Paint the room a dark charcoal gray or Ralph Lauren's Black Truffles, one of my favorites," designer Paul Mathieu says in a House Beautiful magazine article. "This will actually really open up the space." On the other hand, professionals recommend avoiding white paint. 

Feature large prints – Floral wallpaper, for example, makes a dramatic statement in a small room, giving it a more exciting vibe. 

Use up your walls – Whether you're installing shelves to add storage options and reduce clutter or hanging artwork up in your house, utilizing as much vertical space as possible allows you to keep items from accumulating on the floor and furniture. 

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