Meet the New Color of the Year 2022: Very Peri

It’s new, and we can’t wait to show you! The Pantone Color Institute’s Color of the Year 2022 is–drumroll please–Very Peri! Let’s take a closer look into why this new color won’t get old.

New Traditions

At the end of each year, Pantone elects a winning color for the following year. The winner is usually picked from a narrowed down list that’s announced during September’s New York’s Fashion Week.

pantone top colors 2022 swatches Milwaukee, WI

However, this year things got shaken up a bit. Instead of picking from the list, Pantone decided to really stir things up and pick an absolutely new color to represent this coming year.

Everyone Meet Very Peri

This new color has been described as, “Comforting and familiar, blended with touches of excitement and creativity.” That is exactly what we like to hear, don’t you agree? Many experts from various different art fields including color, textiles, and digital came together to bring us this magnificent hue. The familiar and respected blue color family was the base, added in then was violet red to add that fun vibrance.

Take it Outside

outside home exterior color of the year very peri

A lot of time new colors can be used only on the interior of a home, but what about the outside? Add an extra wow factor and bring the outside alive with Very Peri.

Cooking with New Colors

kitchen fun pop of periwinkle accent color of the year 2022

The kitchen is usually a place that exhibits natural, neutral tones. Spice it up with some pops of this new and improved periwinkle.

Pull Up A Chair

Another great way to incorporate Very Peri is with upholstery. Enjoy it in all its glory as an accent for your dining room chairs.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Now that you got a little taste of Very Peri, is it for you? Will you incorporate it into your life this year? It’s possible you’ll stick to your old favorites and that’s great too. Either way, 2022 is going to be a year of great possibility and expression. We would love to get started on your new project today. Contact our Bazaar Home Decorating Center team for your FREE design consultation.