When Windows Become Tricky Windows

Windows with shape, character and charm can add a lot to the look and feel of your home. Beauty, light & an airy, open vibe are the positives. And, until you live with them for awhile, you won’t understand how uncontrolled light, heat, glare and lack of privacy affects you. That’s when they become tricky windows. There are a variety of reasons why coverage is necessary. Let’s evaluate the tricky windows in your home, and then discover ways to cover them. 

Your Specialty Windows

There are common windows in every home, and then there are those specialty windows–the ones that come in all different shapes and sizes. Any angled or arched window is considered specialty and can be challenging to work with. Sure, when set in just the perfect spot, specialty windows add character to a space and make your home unique. But, they can also be troublemakers. It’s not unusual for them to allow glaring light or too much heat inside, or compromise your family’s privacy. Don’t despair, we have custom solutions for these tricky windows. 

Angled Windows 

To heighten the look of a home, it’s a great idea to include specialty features like angled windows. They set our home apart from the rest. Being bold with design and adding a tricky window will not limit your ability to cover the window if needed. Products such as window shades, plantation shutters and blinds are all choices that can be fit perfectly to your specialty window! 

tricky windows in corner of milwaukee living room
Nantucket™ Window Shades

Arched Windows

Never be discouraged. Even arches can be covered with the correct choice in custom window treatments. Gain the light control you need without compromising the character that your windows bring to your home.

french doors with plantation shutters for arched window treatments Milwaukee
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

Let’s explore. Should you cover the entire window or leave the arched section bare to allow regulated light inside? By leaving the top open you allow for some light exposure, and still gain privacy. It’s your choice.


arched window in milwaukee living room
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Tilt Turn Windows Are Here

European style windows are making their way to the states. Otherwise known as tilt turn, these tricky windows have become very popular. They offer easy access to the outdoors when set to open like a door or can create an open airy atmosphere when tilted in at an angle. They raise the style bar high but can they still be custom fitted with window treatments? Yes, here’s how.

track glide system Hunter Douglas Milwaukee 53217
Duette® Honeycomb Shades with the TrackGlide™ System

Enter the TrackGlide™ System. This window covering option was created in response to the tricky window! The track runs along the very edge of the window frame which allows the shade to slide up and down. It provides light control, room darkening and–with the sought-after top down feature–you can take advantage of daytime light and protect your privacy.

Window Placement Causes Tricky Windows

We don’t mean to point fingers, but window placement can cause standard windows to become tricky windows very quickly. The challenge lies in how close together they are hung. A wall of windows has the best intentions, but when you go to cover them it isn’t always easy. When the layout of the windows in your home are anything but standard, call on our window covering experts to help with custom ideas. 

Bay Windows

Fitting window treatments to your bay window area should add to the design of your home, not take away from it. Tricky windows, such as bays and bows, are a key feature in your kitchen as a breakfast nook, or off the living room as a private spot to enjoy a novel. Make them a seamless part of the overall design of your home with custom, inside mount window treatments. They will upgrade your home and offer an beautiful view of the outdoors.  

tricky windows in bay window nook of milwaukee wi home
Alustra® Woven Textures® Roller Shades

Let’s take a minute to address the comfort of your space and not just the look. Everyone wants a designer home right? But, we can’t forget to consider the feel of the home when making design choices. By adding window coverings, we can create the right atmosphere. Control the light, remove glare, add privacy–all things to consider when covering tricky windows. 

Corners are Tricky 

The corner window adds such a contemporary feel to the home. A wide open view to the outdoors–how can it be covered, but still remain the focal point of the room? Easy. We have options. Block the light, diffuse the sunshine and add privacy at your convenience and when you feel it’s necessary. 

corner window in milwaukee wi living room
Pirouette® Window Shades

We have coverage solutions for every window in your home that will not jeopardize the look and feel you are going for. And, with windows that meet in the corner, you need options that fit just right, so you don’t have to worry about losing function when you want to adjust.


Daylighting. The reason top down shades were created and why we love transom windows so much. Daylighting is the ability to spread light across the ceiling, filling the room with a soft blanket of light. Transoms take advantage of this phenomenon by their placement. But should we cover transoms up or leave them bare? It’s your choice and there are reasons for both–considering heat, light & privacy concerns before you decide. See two examples below.

cover floor to ceiling windows for comfort Hunter Douglas Milwaukee 53217
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Above, the intense light is entering the room, which also means uncomfortable temps. These homeowners chose to cover the entire wall of windows with automated shades that allow for ongoing adjustments over the course of the day. When the summer sun is at its hottest, everything is covered up for a cool home.

In the space below, the outside tree coverage provides shade, and the dark painted ceiling helps control the light as well. Consider your surroundings when choosing to leave windows bare. Each room in the home is unique and situations may vary. Allow us to help you make an informed decision about which tricky windows need coverage and which don’t. 

woven roman shades and french door shades with bare transoms in Brookfield WI
Alustra® Woven Textures® Roman Shades


Stargazing from the comfort of your home–does it get any better than that? Skylights are also considered tricky windows, but they too can be covered. Add a window treatment with flexibility that can open and close to allow continued enjoyment of your skylight window.

Tricky skylight window in milwakee home
Applause® with SkyLift®

Let’s Help Get You Started..

The first step is always the hardest! But, with our team, solutions are right around the corner. There is no tricky window we can’t handle. Together with your vision and our product knowledge, we will create the perfect functioning atmosphere for your home. Contact us today for your Free Consultation.