Let’s Talk Color: The Trending Colors of 2019

Are you ready for the excitement and hope that comes with the start of a new year? The Pantone Color Institute sure is! Their picks for the trending colors of 2019 are wildly optimistic and bright. But they’re not just zesty. They have a maturity about them that gives a depth of intrigue. Ready to meet them? Head on over to our Facebook page to see the winner!


The Trending Colors of 2019

Here are the top 12 trending colors of 2019…in all their splendor! While they each stand out with staunch individualism, you’ll find that many of them also combine in the classic color pairings we’ve loved for generations. Want to know more about how color pairings can elevate the look of your design? We’ve got that, and more, coming in the next few weeks!

trending colors 0f 2019 Milwaukee

Aside from the nod to classic design, what else is there to notice from this palette of hues? It’s hard to miss nature’s presence here. Mossy green, lemony yellow, rosy pink…the beauty and peace of the natural world is clearly calling.


Just a Sprinkle

With the boldness and vibrancy of many of the trending colors of 2019, it’s fitting to sprinkle them throughout your decor. A little will go quite a long way.

trending colors of 2019 sonnette shades Hunter Douglas Milwaukee 53217

The power of minimalism is driving interior design trends right now, and it’s definitely not going to subside in the new year. Alongside neutrals, just a bit of these energizing hues will make a big statement. Want to know what neutrals are poised to be a hit this coming year? Stay tuned because we’ll be showing you the new favorites soon!


Dynamic Design

Even though the trending colors of 2019 are dramatic and bold, there’s no reason to shy away from making them the centerpiece. If you’re not content with just a sprinkle, embrace vibrant design!

trending colors 0f 2019 Brookfield

Surprisingly, colors that aren’t supposed to go together actually work! So, bend the rules, take chances, and admire the stunning results!


Do You Love These Colors?

Which one of the trending colors of 2019 is your favorite? Are you drawn to a specific pairing? At Bazaar Home Decorating, we’re excited about the promise and beauty of Pantone’s choices…and your next design project! Our experts are here to help you achieve the style and function you deserve in your Milwaukee-area home. Contact our team for your FREE, in-home consultation today.