Trending: Color of the Year 2024

Peach Fuzz has been named the Color of the Year for 2024! We believe the Pantone Color Institute made an incredible choice this year. All of us at Bazaar are excited to share what this soft, gentle hue means for home design.

Be Inspired by the COTY!

The color of the year can sometimes be met with some resistance and for this “peachy” hue, it’s been an uphill battle. But we always say, trust the process. Forget all your preconceived notions when it comes to peach decor and have an open mind. Peach fuzz can inspire great things. To prove our point, we have photos of peach inspired spaces that may change your mind.

Fashion Forward Cabinetry

A contemporary kitchen is all the rage right now and it’s the peach cabinets that elevate the look of the space. This designer went all-in with posh marble backsplash and sleek bar stools. Even with retro painted cabinets the sophisticated design shines through.

Elevate Lighting

The inspiration of Peach Fuzz can come from anywhere. The rose-colored globes are an unexpected place to find color. A subtle accent wall and some complementing chairs are important in completing the design below.

color of the year updated lighting in kitchen in milwaukee

Walls of Color

The color of the year is inspiring wall color too, but this incredible ombre design is in a league of its own. We love the many shades of peach making up the pattern. Can you spot Peach Fuzz?

ombre walls in the color of the year in milwaukee

Modern Pairings

color of the year in bathroom design

Common color combinations can leave your design feeling a bit “predictable”. Try modifying an “old stand by” like black, white & red. In this bathroom they simply traded red for peach and created a soft new look.

As for Windows…

Lucky for us, this year’s color is a welcomed choice for window treatments. The soft peach hue comes off subtly without overpowering the rest of your space. Even a hint of color at the window can add a layer to your design. In addition, window coverings provide incredible solutions. You can refresh your space with a trendy new color and improve the function of your windows.

honey combs in a trendy peach hue in milwaukee wi
Applause® Honeycomb Shades


Color of the Year 2024: Peach Fuzz

Are you ready to trust the process and give Peach Fuzz a chance in your home? The COTY can influence big (or small) changes for 2024. Whether you use a “peachy” hue on an accent wall or change out a few throw pillows- you’ve done it! And if window treatments are a consideration, we would love to help you design your space with beautiful & functional selections. Get in touch with us for a FREE in-home consultation.