Top 5 Window Covering Features

Ordinary window coverings just may not be enough for today’s homes. Yes, they should add beauty to your home. And, they should also provide function. Homeowners in the Waukesha area are struggling with similar window issues, and they’re all searching for answers. So, we’ve developed a list of top window covering features that can solve complicated window issues. If window challenges–such as controlling the light, protecting your privacy or even providing a view to the outdoors–sound familiar, you’re in the right place. 

1. Skylights

Skylights brighten the home, even on the gloomiest days. They are a great feature where natural light may be at a minimum. But too much light can lead to disaster, resulting in hot stuffy spaces and causing damage to furnishings. By covering skylights, clients can limit their exposure and still benefit from the positive attributes of skylights. Skylight Shades include some of the top window covering features like automation and light filtering. 

the best shades for skylights
Applause® Honeycomb Shades


2. Top Down, Bottom Up

It seems homeowners in Wisconsin are searching for a balance of privacy and natural light. Our top down bottom up shades fit the bill. These shades can drop from the top down, or rise from the bottom, to reveal the daylight but also protect your comfort by covering the rest of the window. This feature reduces glare, improves energy efficiency and protects your privacy. 

top down feature in milwaukee
Duette® Honeycomb Shades


3. Motorized, Smart, Remote Control

One of our top window covering features is smart technology. Today, everyone wants simplicity and automation even when it comes to window treatments. At Bazaar, almost all of our window treatments can be designed with automation. Whether you prefer a motorized wand, the Pebble handheld remote or the use of smart home integration, there are many levels of control to choose from. Adding automation to your window treatments opens up so many possibilities! 

clear pebble remote on marble table next to herbal tea in teacup
Powerview® Pebble Remote


4. Dual Shades

Many homeowners are looking for the widest range of light control out there, and we have window coverings that provide BOTH light filtering and room darkening! Our Dual Shades system allows you to experience two shades at the same window! The best part is that they operate independently at each window. Dual shades are definitely one of our top window covering features that will add comfort to your space. Get the “best of both worlds” with these incredible shades.

aura illuminated shades with dual shades and reflective backing for interior soft lighting
Sonnette® Powerview® Shades


5. Room Darkening

The right shades are important, especially in our bedrooms.  If you have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, you are not alone. Room darkening shades can help you get the rest you need. As one of our top window covering features, room darkening is available to you in most every window treatment we offer. For a better understanding of the levels of darkness offered through this amazing feature, review our room darkening solutions page, highlighting incredible features such as Hunter Douglas Lightlock.

room darkening feature lightlock in milwaukee

Which Ones Do You Need?

Which window covering features do you need? This window covering solutions list will help you uncover all the ways you can transform the atmosphere of your home. Invite a designer into your home to help you decide what might work best. Get in touch with us for your FREE consultation.