Top six window treatment trends

There's no better time to update your living room with chic window fashions than now! We are already a few weeks into 2014. If giving your home a modern makeover is on the list of goals you have this year, take a look at some top window treatment trends. Not only will custom curtains and drapes help your living room exude style and class, these fixtures can also cut heating costs during the cold Milwaukee winters. 

  • Fashionable floor-lengths: Homeowners are going to great lengths to decorate their windows—literally! Floor-length curtains and drapes are all the rage these days. This trend is a direct result of home architecture. Today, more homes are being built with tall ceilings than ever before, and therefore also boast taller windows. To style these larger fixtures, custom curtains and drapes are your best option.
  • Great grommets: Window fashions come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Currently, the "it" style on the market is grommets. These crisp folds help to create a fresh and sophisticated look in the living room. Aside from being trendy, grommets are also quite practical since they can be opened smoothly without tugging at the fabric.
  • Lovely layers: "The layered look is definitely in style when it comes to window treatments," writes contributor Jeanine Hays.  "From drapery panels to shades, these items now come lined for a number of reasons. Layers help to keep warm air in during the winter and out during the summertime, and also help protect furniture and decor from fading. Aesthetically, lined window treatments offer a high-end look."
  • Pretty patterns: Exude your personality with trendy patterns. Choose from a variety of options from stripes to plaids to florals—the opportunity for creativity is endless! Just be sure that the prints you choose are not too overbearing and coincide with your overall design scheme. As a helpful tip, if you're using window fashions with loud prints, be sure that your furniture is neutral and a solid color to ensure that there is aesthetic harmony.
  • Radiant rods: When it comes to selecting window fashions, don't forget about the curtain rods! Today, steel hardware is bigger than ever! More and more homeowners are using custom and vibrant window coverings, which is why they are embellishing these fixtures with simple yet sleek rods. Look for rods that match your overall design. For instance, bronze, nickel and chrome are some of the top picks for 2014.
  • Snazzy shades: Contrary to what some homeowners might believe, shades can be quite stylish in addition to being practical. Shades don't necessarily have to be made out of run-of-the-mill fabric, and can also be customized with stylish and sturdy materials. Choose from an array of colors and styles, including Roman shades which are traditional and especially popular.

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