Tips for the amateur home designer: Decorating with patterns

While some homeowners prefer the simplicity of solid hues on their walls, furniture, bedding and curtains, there are others who crave the bold statement that colorful patterns can make. But, not everyone is a professional decorator, and as such, it can be difficult to incorporate patterns the right way.

“A lack of layers can lead to an impersonal, unwelcoming space,” says Brian Flynn, a home makeover television show producer. “While mixing colors and textures is often second nature for design enthusiasts, adding layers of patterns can be a bit more complex.”

Here are a few tips to consider when decorating with patterns:

Choose an odd number of patterns – According to an article from HGTV, you should choose at least three patterns because when it comes to home design, odd numbers often create the best sense of harmony. The first pattern should make the strongest statement, the second should differ greatly and be half the size and scale and the third should use colors from the other two. 

Make sure there’s a sense of balance – It’s important to ensure that patterns are spread out evenly throughout a room because if they’re all gathered in the same area, it will make the space feel unbalanced. 

Stick with the same color intensity – If you’ve decided on pastels, for example, stick with pastels. You can mix patterns – no matter how different they are – effectively as long as you use similar hues. 

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