Three great uses for Roman shades outside of the kitchen

There's no denying that Roman shades are one of the best window treatments for the kitchen. They bring style and taste while staying conveniently out of the way. Roman shades aren't the only way to bring a patterned fabric into your window without having it hang in the way of your cooking, but they are a great option for people who are looking to introduce pattern and color into this part of the home. 

However, because they're so well suited to the kitchen, many people feel that Roman shades can't be used anywhere else. In reality, they fit beautifully into many other parts of the home as well. Here are three uses for Roman shades all around the house: 

1. The living room – Working with multiple windows and looking for a simple accent for them? The Roman shade might be just what you're looking for. Custom window treatments can be used to design coordinating throw pillows and other accessories, tying the entire space together. 

2. Bathrooms – Roman shades look lovely when they're pulled up, creating a nice valance for the window, but they can also be pulled down for privacy, which makes them ideal for a bathroom window. You'll find that you have so much more flexibility with window treatments like this. 

3. A guest bedroom – In a guest room, it's nice to have coordinating extras that don't complicate the decor. Going with Roman shades in lieu of other options will enable your guests to choose the lighting that they want for the room without your needing to spend extra on blinds as well.