These tips can help you beautify your studio apartment 

For many people, moving into their own place for the first time or downgrading due to tough economic conditions means settling on a small living space. If you’ve never lived in a studio apartment before, the idea of it can seem unfavorable. In most cases, these units are simply one large room with a small kitchen and bathroom attached. Fortunately, there are home design tips that can help you transform virtually any kind of space into something that suits your wants and needs.

Milwaukee area residents often turn to Bazaar Home Decorating for their interior design needs. We offer all kinds of home organization solutions, as well as custom window coverings and bedding. If you’re looking for some assistance when it comes to beautifying your studio apartment – or any other living area – our friendly staff can help you turn your vision into a reality. 

When decorating a studio, you may want to try:

Maximizing the amount of natural light – Letting the sunlight in will not only help keep you in good spirits – especially during the cold, winter months – but it will even make your apartment feel bigger. By hanging some sheer custom window coverings, you can decorate your windows while still allowing the natural light in. Additionally, you may want to play around with some different lighting fixtures to find the perfect ambience. 

Staying organized – Accumulating clutter in a small room can really make it feel cramped and uncomfortable. Custom home organization solutions can help you maintain a sense of order and maximize space. 

Strategically placing your furniture – The main room of your studio apartment will serve many purposes, but there are ways to divide the area up so that, for example, the living space is separate from the sleeping space. It’s also important to make sure you can move around easily without bumping into your furniture.