The new neutrals

Neutral color palettes are great for home decor since the create a backdrop for stylish accessories. However, sometimes the standard white and beige can be a bit bland. If you're looking to jazz up your paint color, while still selecting a hue that can easily match a wide variety of furniture and home accessories, try choosing form non-beige neutrals, suggested by interior designer Jennifer Ott:

Mint green: This color is great because it it gender-neutral. The key to selecting a mint green without your room looking like a nursery is to choose a shade with gray undertones, exuding a more mature vibe. Another benefit of green is that it works with both silver or gold accents, which is especially important if you want to adhere to the metallic trend in terms of home decor.

Pale purple: "Whether you go for a cool lavender or a warmer mauve, the trick to making this color appear sophisticated rather than sugary is to go with a shade that has a good amount of neutralizing gray or brown in it," Ott writes at This shade is sure to look great in a bedroom. Did you know that light purples are also known for their tranquil properties, ensuring that you are relaxed and get a good night's sleep?

If you choose to paint your bedroom or living room in these light neutral shades, then make your room come alive with custom curtains and drapes in rich tones. For instance, if you have a mauve coat of paint on your walls, deep purple drapery will correspond nicely. Be sure to stop by Bazaar Home Decorating Center's Milwaukee showroom for our stylish selection of fabrics!