Studies show that many Baby Boomers plan to downsize when they retire

Those who were born between 1946 and 1964 – better known as Baby Boomers – are the generational group that has the largest discretionary income in history, which would explain the onslaught of advertising and products that are directed toward them. But this doesn't mean that they haven't felt the woes of a less-than-stellar economy in recent years. 

At the very time that many Boomers were planning to retire, the stock market crashed and sent the economy into a recession and housing crisis that most people are just climbing out of. That occurrence, as well as the fact that many Boomers still owe quite a lot on their houses, has cause a large portion of individuals who identify as a part of this generational group to choose a smaller house after retirement, according to a new study preformed by the over-50 interest group AARP. 

But, this decision isn't just financial. Many people want to move into a less labor-intensive residence that still has all of the luxuries of their current home so that they can have an easier time in their old age. This has had many Boomers choosing to go with new construction, which they can tailor to their exact specifications, such as custom window treatments or an open floor plan for handicapped accessibility, rather than living in an older home that would need retrofitting. 

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