Smart Accessories: Discover the Possibilities

The newest technology can be hard to keep up with. What’s the latest gadget? How does it work? What can it do? Smart Shades are no different. Do you feel intimidated by the latest tech? You shouldn’t be! Learning what your smart shades can do is half the fun. They’ll move with your daily routine, providing solutions for everyone in the family. Take a look at this simple guide to understanding the amazing capabilities of your smart accessories.


Stay on Schedule

Getting your teen out of bed on the weekends can be quite the struggle. 11 AM passes and they’re still sound asleep, despite your attempts to wake them. Let your smart accessories do the hard work for you. Use voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant to open their shades. The natural sunlight will gently wake them!

smart accessories bedroom

For an even simpler solution, create a schedule using the PowerView app. The shades will open on schedule–letting them get extra sleep on the weekends. Rise and shine!


Save your Favorite Scenes

Summertime calls for longer days and later sunsets. Is the sun keeping you, or your children, awake? PowerView scenes will set up your atmosphere for bedtime.

smart shade accessories

Create a “Bedtime” scene using the PowerView app. Select the scene when you’re ready to start your bedtime routine. Your blackout shades will block out the sunlight, creating a sleep-inducing environment. And, no more arguments that it’s still light outside!


IFTTT Control…Perfect for Pets

Have a furry friend at home? Your shades can adjust during the day to fit their needs, even when you’re not home. IFTTT (if this then that) technology recognizes different scenarios in the home, and then uses the information to adjust your environment.

living room smart accessories

Your pet spends the morning snoozing away; the shades are shut, keeping out the bright morning sun and helping you maintain a steady temperature. When your furry friend wakes up and starts moving, IFTTT will detect his motion. Your shades will open up, giving him natural light and a view–all while you’re gone.


Repeaters Help to Strengthen the Signal

Wireless technology is great, but let’s face it…the layout of your home can affect the way it works in far off bedrooms. Structural obstacles can sometimes impact the signals, which is why Hunter Douglas technology is so great–they’ve taken this into consideration and created repeaters to help strengthen the signal when your home needs it.

powerview repeater

PowerView Repeaters are placed in areas that may need extra wireless strength. The sleek design also offers backlighting…perfect for a soft night light.

Stylish Accessories

Old remotes were full of random options that you probably never used, and they always had bright colored buttons. Gone are the days of ugly remotes. The PowerView Pebble is sleek, unique, and easy to use. You can choose from different colors to match your decor. It will fit right in.

powerview pebble remote

Embrace the Smart Accessories in Your Home

We know, technology can be overwhelming. There are so many different gadgets and features. Don’t let the power of PowerView intimidate you! Let your smart accessories enhance your lifestyle. Our team would be happy to show you how everything works in your home. Contact our team at Bazaar Home Decorating today for a free, in-home consultation.