Should I choose wood or metal blinds for my Milwaukee home?

If you’ve been inspired to redesign your Milwaukee area home this January, then you may have considered replacing your existing blinds with some new and exciting products that can liven up your space. However, while the choice to pursue new blinds from a local store is easy to make, finding the right selection for your home can be a challenge.

For instance, you may be wondering about the benefits of wood or metal blinds, both of which can be stylish and practical options when used effectively.

Factors you should consider when weighing which option is best for you include:

The light your room receives – While custom wood blinds will do a great job of controlling a room’s natural light, these blinds may fade when they are exposed to too much sunlight or heat over a long period of time. With metal blinds, you won’t experience this drawback, but some homeowners who choose this option say that shadows and silhouettes are common, as metal blinds are less adept at blocking light.

Your existing decor – If your home has a classic feel, it may be difficult for certain metal blinds to fit into the equation. For instance, if your dining room table has a rustic coloration, certain metals may clash with the design and wood might be the best option.

Where to buy your blinds – When purchasing any product, it’s important that you opt for a provider that offers you an expansive selection that can adapt to your individual needs. At Bazaar Home Decorating, we provide a wide variety of custom wood blinds and metal blinds from top carriers such as Fashion Tech and Hunter Douglas, meaning that no matter your needs, you can find the blinds you’re searching for at our store.