Sheer Shades: Your Key to Happiness

As a homeowner, you’re constantly swimming in a sea of choices. Oftentimes, the most important ones sink to the bottom without you even realizing it. Like decisions about window coverings. They usually end up mired on the homeowner seafloor, but they’re a crucial key to happiness. Without the correct window coverings, you’re practically guaranteed to be living in disaster! We’re here to dive down deep and help you unlock the best for your home and life. And we think you might just find everything you’re looking for in one of our collections of sheer shades.


Disaster Zones

If you’re living with the wrong window coverings, or none at all, then you’re no stranger to the problems featured in this room.

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The Sunglass Zone is where you should be able to look out and take in gorgeous landscape views. Instead, you’re trying to locate your favorite sunglasses and slather on some sunscreen.


Moving over to The Hot Seat, designed to be part of a quaint little conversation area, you find you can’t even look your friend in the eyes because of the harsh sunlight. And forget checking email or replying to the text you just got. The glare makes it impossible. As for the temperature…well, there’s a reason it’s called the HOT seat.


Then there’s the Introvert Seating area. With all the blinding light in this room, it seems ridiculous to say that there should be a lamp. But that’s exactly what anyone sitting on the couch in the shadows would be thinking. The lighting is completely unbalanced. And, that lucky guest would be draped in quiet solitude, because joining the conversation with others would involve squinting into all that painful sun and glare.


Finally, with all the sunlight coming in, you know UV rays are entering too. The damage is real…to the flooring, fabrics, and every piece of decor illuminated in this space.


Enter Sheer Shades…

sheer shades Milwaukee

Rather than being drenched in flooding light, everything is drenched in total comfort. Sheer shades have completely changed the whole dynamic in this space…and they can for yours too! Here , the lighting is now balanced, the temperature controlled, and the view breathtaking (and able to actually be enjoyed). This large room is full of function for relaxing in alone or with any number of guests. And with options for privacy, it can be used any time of the day or night.


Open Concept, Customized Control

Open floor plans have so many benefits, but disaster is sure to strike if you’re not in control of the light. With multiple people using the same shared space for different purposes at the same time, you might think it’s impossible to meet everyone’s needs. Think again.

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Sheer shades offer an incredible range of light control adjustments. You can easily welcome glowing light and guests in the dining area while keeping glare and direct light out of the media space. Add in smart shade capabilities, and you’ll really be smiling. Saved settings and scheduled adjustments will create the perfect atmosphere for every need and every circumstance.


Blackout Sheers

What used to be a contradiction is now an incredible lifestyle solution! Blackout sheer shades allow you to enjoy daylighting and get an amazing night’s sleep. And you have options. With dual shade systems, a blackout shade slips in place behind the primary sheer shade. For larger window and doors, Luminette Privacy Sheers transition from sheer to blackout with a simple rotation. So, whether you’re up and at ‘em in the morning or settling in for the night, beautiful light and glorious darkness are always at your fingertips.

sheer shades Milwaukee


Transform Your Home Today!

If you’re living with disaster zones, open concept lighting challenges, cave-like days, or too-light nights, it’s time for a change! We’d love to help you discover the happiness that comes with the right window coverings. Our design team at Bazaar Home Decorating can show you how sheer shades can add beauty and solutions to your Milwaukee-area home. Come see us at our showroom. Or contact us today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation.