New! Rechargeable Battery Wand 

We are very excited about this new innovation! Introducing the rechargeable battery wand for your new and existing motorized shades. Are you ready to hear more?

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Sustainable living, cost savings, and clean design are just a few of the things we look for. 

If your home is already well- equipped with motorized shades you know about changing the batteries. But now, instead of having to buy new batteries each time, it just takes a simple recharge. It eliminates having to throw away old ones altogether. One charge and you’re good to go for another year.


Questions about the Rechargeable Battery Wand

We know you have a lot of questions, and we’ve answered most of them below..

  • The wand is 13 x 1.25 x 1 inches.
  • The wand can be mounted or satellite.
  • One charge lasts for approximately 500 adjustments.
  • For existing shades, the wand plugs into the battery port you already have.
  • This does not require removal of the window treatments.
  • Charging takes between 2-3 hours.


Decisions to Make

There are two decisions you have to make with the rechargeable battery wand. Where to put it and how to charge it.

rechargeable battery wand closeup

Mounted vs. Satellite:

The rechargeable battery wand can be mounted straight onto the back of the headrail. Another option, as a satellite wand, a cord will connect to the shade. This allows it to be put on the headrail or near the shade.

skylight satellite battery bazaar home decorating center
Duette® Shades showing what a satellite wand can look like.


Charging Station:

For every 500 adjustments or around once a year the battery wand will need to be plugged in for 2-3 hours. The duration it takes to charge will depend on what kind of charging station you select. The double charging station can recharge two battery wands in three hours. The single charging station only charges one battery, but it takes less time of two hours. This choice can be made all by you depending on how many batteries you have and what needs your home possesses. 

double rechargeable battery wand


How Do They Charge?

The battery wand is removed and plugged right into the charging station, single or double. If the charging station’s cord can reach, the wand can even be charged in place. 

Let’s Get Started!

If the idea of having a rechargeable battery wand for your existing automated shades sounds like a good fit, let us know! We’d love to get you set up. Or, if you’re contemplating how motorized window coverings could make a difference in your home, we would be happy to schedule a free consultation with one of our designers from Bazaar Home Decorating. Contact our team today!