Pet Friendly Window Coverings: So Many Helpful Options

Calling all pet lovers! This article is all for you. No matter what kind of pets, or how many, you have in your home you know that oftentimes they can track in a bit of a mess. Messy paws and all, we love them and want them to be happy, comfortable, and safe within the walls of our homes. Adding pet friendly window coverings is one way to do just that! Our expert team has compiled answers to many questions from pet owners, and we have them here for you today.


How to Keep Them Clean

With the right products and routines in place, any room can look spotless again. Do you know the areas in your home that are more frequently affected by the fur, dirt, or drool? Once you know these areas in your home, it makes it easier to know which window treatments will work well in each space.

Shutters from Bazaar Home Decorating
Newstyle Hybrid Shutters

For the more high traffic areas that are more prone to a mess, interior shutters are one of our favorite options! Shutters offer a high end look that will always be timeless, plus the benefit of being able to always wipe them down with a damp cloth if something splatters up on them.


Pets with High Energy

Whether they’re jumping, climbing, or simply perched up on the window sill with their front paws, window safety is something to consider. In regards to safety, we have two things we recommend. The first being, select shades that allow you to raise them up to only cover the top portion of the window. That ensures you have the light control you need and won’t be facing glare at eye level, but your pet can command the bottom half of the window.

Pet safe designer banded shades
Designer Banded Shades

Cordless options are the safest shades out there. Not only can you use them to just cover half the window at a time, but the temptation of a fun string to play with is eliminated as well. Even better yet, many of these safe options can also be automated!

Safe cordless window treatment options
Nantucket™ Window Shades


On the Anxious Side

When handling a pet’s anxiety, automated shades are a great option again. You can program them to work with your schedule, and one that helps your pet too! This allows them to have their energetic times, but closing the shades may be enough to help them settle in and relax when they need too. Leaving everyone feeling more comfortable. Automated shades add a whole new level of convenience and peace of mind to your day.

Silhouette shades in entryway sidelights
Silhouette® Shades


Pets Always Enjoy their Sunny Spots

It’s always so cute to see your furry friend snuggled in to a sunny spot on the couch. However, in the heat of the summer, not utilizing window treatments can make the entire house raise a few degrees, leaving everyone feeling more groggy and not cooled off after coming inside for the day.

sunny spot for pets with motorized shades in Waukesha WI home
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades
Good news is, energy efficient window treatments can be the best of both worlds for this situation! Just think, you can keep one spot sunny for your pet to snooze in. Then simply lower the rest of the shades to insulate the space. Your family, and your wallet, will thank you!

Pet Friendly Window Coverings Benefit Everyone

Your pets may be the reason you’re looking into new window coverings, but everyone will certainly be glad with the new choices. With added function and comfort, what’s not to love with these pet friendly window coverings? Contact our team at Bazaar Home Decorating to get started with your FREE consultation today.