Why You Need Child Safe Shades for Your Grandchildren

Being a grandparent is one of the greatest things in the world! Making memories, laughing, teaching–and everything in between–you love having your little ones visit. But, as you probably remember, children can turn anything into a toy, including your furnishings and decor. Do you have child safe shades or blinds in your home? Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider making them an addition to your design…


The Basics of Childproofing

Nowadays, parents are child proofing their homes right away. From locking cabinet doors to installing gates, the house if a safe zone before their little one can even crawl.

cordless child safe blinds

Thanks to social media sharing, parents have seen the dangers of household objects, including cords. Child safe shades will eliminate cords, or at least keep them out of the way, so children are protected while playing. The latest designs keep the cords locked into one position, preventing them from tangling.


Why Should Grandparents Childproof?

Years ago things were so different. Parents didn’t need to worry about properly installing car seats–if installing one at all! Children could play outside well past sunset. Babies could sleep how they pleased. Now, it seems like there are so many wrongs and rights to parenting. But, safety regulations are important because they keep our loved ones safe, whether they’re at home or visiting grandma.

child safe blinds literise

This play area is a great space for these cute kids to color, use their imaginations, and explore. And, it’s clear that this area is child-safe. Take a look at the window treatments. There are no dangling cords! Instead, these shades have the LiteRise operating system; all it takes is a simple push or pull of the bottom rail to adjust. Simple to use for everyone, and perfectly safe for your littles!


What Could Happen with Cords?

We see these terrible stories of children getting hurt, but we never think it’ll happen to us. Even with constant supervision, accidents can happen in an instant. Prevent tragedy by creating a child safe home! You might think there are more dangerous things in your home, like sharp corners and outlets, but don’t forget about cords. In the eyes of a child, they can become jump ropes, lassos, and necklaces. Although we adore their imaginations, we want to provide them with a safe place to explore.

child safe blinds and shades

So, what exactly happens when children are allowed to play with cords? This was a quick five minute trip to the Post Office. These little ones were immediately drawn to the cords–and mom was the one to get all tangled up! The cords were tempting to play with, even with mom watching. You can tell your kids or grandkids to leave the cords alone in this situation, but imagine if you weren’t there. The cords would become a dangerous toy. Avoid safety issues with child safe blinds and shades.

What Are My Options for Child Safe Shades or Blinds?

child safe window treatments

Whether you’re a grandparent or parent, child proofing can seem extremely overwhelming. You have to think outside the box and imagine what your little one can turn into a toy! We can help you get the process started by eliminating dangerous cords. Our child safe shades, blinds and shutters will make all the difference in your home. Choose from manually operated systems or try out motorization for simple convenience. Let us show you your options. Contact our team at Bazaar Home Decorating today for a free, in-home consultation!