Motorized Shutters: Classic Style, Modern Tech, Amazing Benefits

Big news! Motorized shutters have arrived! Hunter Douglas has paired the elegant styling of their Palm Beach line of shutters with the modern tech of motorization…and the result is better than you could ever imagine! Control them with your voice, a remote, your favorite device, and even manually with your hand. And, savor the experience of seamlessly integrating them into your smart home system.

Won’t believe it until you see it? Visit the Hunter Douglas site to watch these motorized shutters in action in their latest video. Want to know more about the beautiful features and incredible benefits of our Palm Beach Shutters? Read on to discover how they’ll transform your lifestyle and the light control, style, view, and privacy in your Milwaukee area home.


A Customized Look

The look of shutters is classic. Adding gorgeous style to any room, plantation shutters have long been used to bring dimension and character into home design. Plus, with today’s door handle cutouts and split tilt options, you can truly create a custom look in your home.

motorized shutters Milwaukee

And now, with the innovation of motorization, you can further customize the look and feel of your spaces in an instant. Motorized shutters make it simple to switch from daylighting to blackout or to close just the bottom half of your split tilt shutters for privacy. And you won’t even have to leave your cozy couch spot to do it!


A Tremendous View

Have you ever experienced landscape views through shutters? They’re absolutely gorgeous! In fact, it’s one of the reasons designers love them so much. Shutters are perfect for fashioning a dynamic backdrop in your home–for allowing all the beauty of the outdoors to become part of the beauty inside.

motorized shutters Milwaukee

Now motorized shutters make it easier than ever to enhance your view. Tap a button, or set a schedule, and adjustments make the scene picture perfect! Want more privacy? Your smart shutters will respond to meet the needs of your life.


An Upgraded Lifestyle

If you have one, you know…smart home systems are a godsend! Voice-controlled features let you add items to your grocery list and appointments to your schedule. They enable you to set the oven timer and, now with motorized shutters, a customized atmosphere!

motorized shutters Milwaukee

Simply save your favorite settings based on the time of day or circumstance. Then, with just a few words, your shutters will move exactly where you want them! You can even program adjustments to happen automatically throughout the day. Talk about convenience!


A Remarkable Solution

We all have them…places in our homes that experience moisture or intense heat. Have you been hesitant to outfit them with window treatments?

motorized shutters Milwaukee

With our Palm Beach Shutters, you can put your worries to rest. Engineered with durability in mind, heat and humidity are no problem for these shutters. They’re specifically designed to look beautiful and function flawlessly in practically any environment.


A Perfect Fit

If you have windows that aren’t a standard size or in the most ideal location, you’re not alone. Every home presents its own unique challenges. The beauty of plantation shutters is that they frame impeccably for a custom fit.

motorized shutters Milwaukee

With motorized shutters, the obstacles of your home are never an issue. Touch-of-a-button- and scheduled-adjustments mean you don’t have to have easy access to your windows. If you do, though, you can also move the louvers by hand without worry of damaging the motor.


Motorized Shutters Are Here…And They’re Amazing!

Our team here at Bazaar Home Decorating is simply thrilled to be able to offer you the innovation of motorized shutters. Full of stylish beauty and incredible function, our Palm Beach Shutters with motorization will bring so many benefits to your home and your life. If you have questions, we’d love to answer them. If you want a free, shop-at-home appointment, we’d be glad to come out to your home! Contact us today!