Discover Minimalist Design with Modern Window Coverings

If you have too much stuff and the idea of minimalist design intrigues you, we can help. Discover the newest trend in interior design with the experts from Houzz, as they guide us through the process of achieving minimalism. Their review of this new book, will act as a guide to creating the best atmosphere and look for your home. Window coverings play a HUGE role in this transition and we appreciate that. Let’s get started.


A tangle of cords is never a good look and when it comes to safety, cords can be hazardous to children, older family members and pets too. Tidy up your space by removing window treatment cords, you’ll be surprised at the difference this simple step can make to the overall look of your room.

cordless shades will clean up the look of the home while adding child safety
Applause® Honeycomb Shades


As a minimalist, you may be tempted to leave your windows bare. But there will be implications. Bare windows make your home vulnerable to the elements and excessive sun exposure can cause UV damage to your interiors. Protect your overall comfort and your family’s privacy with window coverings. Create a unified look by choosing fabrics that blend in with the window frames so your treatments will virtually disappear. Blending color will result in the minimalist design you are hoping to achieve.

blending window shades with wall color will introduce minimalist design in your home
Duette® Honeycomb Shades



When your window treatments are down and in place, they give an orderly look. Unfortunately, it’s a different result when they are raised up. To solve the problem of overlapping fabric at the top of the window, try rollers. We have many styles of window shades with rolling operations to reduce exposed fabric at the top.

Rolling roman shades in a white bedroom with corner windows.
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Choose from a wide selection of products that are available in roller versions. You can find rolling romans and cellular shades that roll amongst them. When shades roll instead of fold, the fabric can disappear into the head rail. No more stacks of material taking away from your minimalist design dreams.

Low Profile

Today’s homes are sleek and efficient, no more bulky window coverings. At Bazaar, we can even offer a customized headrail to complement your minimalist modern design. Ask for a squared off headrail to add to the beauty of your newly designed home.

the 7 types of roller shades in Milwaukee WI
Designer Roller Shades

Our window specialist can design the best profile for your windows. They know the collections that offer low profile design and a minimalist appearance. Trust our professionals to fit your windows with incredible looking products and give you the features and benefits you need.


We all need window coverings, even homes with minimalist design goals. Did you know that operating systems can help? Window treatments with motorization allow you to adjust shades simply and easily. At night or when you need privacy, close the shades with voice control, a phone app or your remote control. When it’s time to show off your view again, speak a command or touch the button again and the shades will move out of the way. For complete automation, set your treatments on a daily schedule to open and close as you wish, never think about adjusting again.

A lady holding a phone with PowerView® Automation on the screen.

Minimalist Design Is Possible!

Our window covering specialists have been designing windows to complement minimalist design a lot lately. Being aware of new trends is our specialty and we have many contemporary collections to choose from. We work together with our clients to achieve the look they want with the function and benefits they need. We’d love to help you on your design journey with a FREE consultation in your home or at the Waukesha area showroom. Get in touch with us soon so we can start the process.