Locally Made Products: Strengthening Communities

For over 65 years Bazaar Home Decorating Center has been serving the Waukesha, Wisconsin community. Because of the Covid-19 situation and having to shelter-in-place, we had some time to reflect on what’s important to our family and our community, as well as all small communities across the country. We know how important locally made can be!

Small Business, Big Support

Everyone is experiencing this difficult time in many different ways. We, as a small business, understand how impactful it has truly been. Other business providing locally made products in your community are struggling, and because we all want to lend a helping hand in these crazy times, we have some ideas.

Online Presents – The internet has given us the ability to reach so many people in different places. This is all without even leaving our homes. Even if you’re not purchasing online you can contribute positively to the small and local businesses you love. Give them a nice review, share posts, and recommend their services or goods to others. Boosts like that are a great present!

Giving the Gift of Gift Card – You know you’re going to spend money down the road with local businesses so why not purchase a gift card now? This helps them keep going and provides their employees and families with the ability to succeed in this tough time.

Change Things Up – Meaning to order food for pickup at a local place you haven’t been to in forever? Maybe you’ve never tried it but have been meaning to? The time is now! Skip the big box store and stop over at a small business and support your community.

Help Out Nonprofit Organizations – Your local food pantry or shelter may need your help! Take the time to help others in need and help strengthen your community all at once.

Locally Made

We are proud the Hunter Douglas products we sell and install all over the Milwaukee area are made in North America. The locations where they make our products aren’t necessarily in the largest cities, but often in smaller ones that help support their communities. Bessemer City in North Carolina is a small town just over 5,000. They are responsible for producing not one, but seven product lines. One of their lines is the very popular and highly acclaimed Provenance Woven Woods.

bessemer city north carolina hunter douglas manufactory

Unemployment is at an all time high and that’s why we are so happy to be loyal to a brand employing individuals here in our country. Staying local with how you shop for products doesn’t have to be hard. With a little innovation and hard work it can make such a difference in our close community and even farther across the country.

Bazaar Home Decorating Center is Here for You

Since the beginning of our company, through generations, we have expanded, developed, and grown so much. This is exactly how we are approaching these tough times. We have been with our customers sides via phone, virtual meetings, and any means possible to assist.

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We know spending more time in your homes has been difficult but we still want to help you through the challenges you may be facing and grow with you. Let’s tackle some of the challenges you may be facing with your home and increase your privacy and children’s safety one solution at a time. Thank you for letting us assist you.