Keep these tips in mind when you’re de-cluttering your closet

Cleaning out a closet is a common spring cleaning activity. It's likely that over the past year or so, your storage spaces have turned into dumping grounds for belongings that you don't need or even want anymore. But, rearranging and de-cluttering these parts of your house can be great for your overall mood and give you a nice feeling of accomplishment. You may even want to consider investing in some new custom home organization systems to ensure you maintain a sense of order.

At Bazaar Home Decorating, our custom closets come with a lifetime warranty and are available in 24 different colors and a variety of styles. No matter what vision you have in mind, we can help you turn it into a reality for your Milwaukee area house.

Once you're ready to start de-cluttering your closet, keep these tips in mind: 

Set aside different sections – Part of being organized means knowing exactly where your possessions are without having to rummage around looking for them. It's a good idea to designate certain areas of your storage space for specific items so that each and every thing has its own place. 

Solve your biggest problems – Everyone is different, which means that one homeowner may have hundreds of pairs of shoes while another has dozens of bulky sweaters. How you arrange your custom closet is dependent on what your main obstacles are when it comes to keeping the area organized. 

Start from scratch – The best way to assess your belongings and envision the space you have to work with is by removing everything from your closet. Then you can begin sorting through your clothes, shoes, accessories and more to determine which items you can donate to charity, offer as hand-me-downs to your friends or sell to the local thrift store. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of anything you haven't worn in a year.