Interior design expert shares tips for decorating with travel mementos

If you love to travel, you've probably brought various souvenirs back with you over the years. In many cases, these items just wind up taking up space and collecting dust, so the next time you go on a vacation, ask yourself this: What can buy while I'm here that will really add to the design of my home? With this question in mind, you'll be able to incorporate these experiences into your house to make it look more worldly – or just as a reminder of the fun times you've had.

In a recent Huffington Post article, interior designer Tim Clarke shared some tips for bringing your travel home with you and decorating your house with it: 

Avoid themes – Commemorating your trip to Hawaii doesn't have to mean painting the walls bright floral colors and purchasing a fake palm tree. It's less about making the whole room a tribute to your favorite vacation spot and more about creating a subtle vibe that reminds you of that place.

Practice moderation – Sophistication and subtlety are key here, says Clarke, and that begins with moderation. If you brought back a whole bag of shells, for example, rather than scattering them around your room, select one or two that stand out to you and display them like pieces of artwork.

Make it special – You don't have to keep your items out at all times. Remember that you can save a nice set of plates or a serving platter for a fancy dinner party or another special occasion. 

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