Inexpensive home decorating ideas for your Milwaukee home

Decorating your Milwaukee home doesn't have to mean cleaning out your pockets. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to revamp your space and bring in new elements of design. 

If you're hoping to beautify your house on the cheap, you may want to consider some of these cost-effective ideas: 

Add a fresh coat of paint – Whether you redo the whole room or simply implement an accent wall, bringing new elements of color into your house can transform the way it looks and feels. With the warm weather approaching, it's the perfect time to open the windows and get out your paintbrush. 

Create ambiance with lighting – With the amount of DIY lamp projects floating around on image-sharing website Pinterest, you can really save money by designing one yourself. Or, if you aren't the crafty type, there are plenty of inexpensive light fixtures to choose from for your floor, ceiling, table or wall. 

Fix up old items – Instead of buying a brand new piece of furniture or decor, consider the different ways you can update or repair what you already have. Maybe this means sanding, priming and painting an old coffee table or finally sewing the throw blanket that was once a key focal point in your living room before it ripped. 

Many Milwaukee area residents turn to Bazaar Home Decorating for their home design needs. We have a plethora of fabrics that we can use to make custom window coverings, custom bedding, pillows and more. If you're hoping to make some inexpensive changes to your space, let us help you bring your unique vision to life. We also offer home organization solutions to make your closet, garage, pantry and other storage areas neat and tidy.