Incorporate open shelving into your kitchen for a trendy take on organization

Like most aspects of keeping a home clean, maintaining an organized kitchen that also follows current trends is easier said than done. Right now, open shelving is all the rage in kitchens, which gives homeowners a chance to display their carefully curated collections of dishes and glassware all of the time. Flip through any home decor catalog and you're bound to notice this technique. 

Of course, open shelving also can bring its fair share of problems. First of all, most of us don't just have a perfectly selected series of dish and glassware that we want others to see all of the time, but have a certain amount of functional items that aren't all that pretty. Secondly, you'll need to clean pieces that you don't use very frequently, as there will be nothing to protect them from collecting dust.

Removing the doors of all of your kitchen cabinets, then, is probably not all that good of an idea. Instead, combining this aesthetic with the practicality of your current organizational system can add visual interest to this room without requiring a major overhaul that you might not end up liking in the long run. 

The organizational experts at Bazaar Home Decorating specialize in custom closets, pantries and shelving systems, and can help you to decide which parts of your kitchen are the best for this look. We can then install functioning storage in the form of open shelving, and even improve the layout of your existing cabinets. 

Just a few small changes can make a huge difference in the functionality and look of your kitchen. Stop by our showroom in Milwaukee today to find out how you can improve your home.