Important garage safety tips for parents to keep in mind

For many homeowners, a garage is a convenient extension of the house that keep cars protected during harsh Milwaukee snowstorms and stores necessary outdoor items like lawn mowers, lighter fluid and gardening tools. If, however, you have young children, the abundance of heavy objects, hazardous chemicals and sharp edges make this part of the property a dangerous area for them to be around. 

Here are some garage safety tips to consider from These are particularly important now that the warmer weather is here and kids will likely be spending more time outside: 

Be smart about your storage – "The key is putting [dangerous items] up high," Dr. Kim Giuliano – a pediatrician – told Minnesota media outlet KEYC News 12. "Just out of sight, but still within reach of a child is not enough. They're going to open cabinet doors and explore and be curious."

Disconnect electrical items – When you're done using a power tool, don't just turn it off – unplug it entirely to reduce the risk of accidents happening. 

Operate your garage door carefully –  Ideally, you should invest in an automatic door that stops or reverses when it detects an object moving. Store the remote or install the control pad in place where your kids can't find or reach it. 

At Bazaar Home Decorating, we have custom garage organization and storage systems that can help you maintain a sense of order in this important room and ensure that it is as safe as possible for your children. We carry slat wall in grey and white, as well as cabinets and overhead storage. Our friendly sales staff can work with you to incorporate the perfect solution within your beloved Milwaukee home.