How to redesign your bathroom

Your bathroom isn't the easiest room in your home to design since you not only have to pay attention to aesthetics, but also have to ensure that the mechanics of the space are functioning properly. When done correctly, remodeling your bathroom can make your house more comfortable and also increase its value. 

"The truth is, great design is less about how a bathroom looks (although it's always nice when it looks fantastic) and more about how it works," reports

Take a look at some helpful tips on how to successfully create a luxurious powder room.

  • Layout: Adhering to a strategic layout is important when designing a bathroom. Some homeowners opt for keeping the toilet and shower separate from the sink area so that one person can get ready while the other bathes.
  • Lighting: Dark and damp bathrooms can severely deter individuals from purchasing a house as well as leave house guest less than impressed. Letting natural light into your bathroom can brighten it up as well as further heat the small space in the winter. Browse Bazaar Home Decorating Center's array of stylish window coverings that will allow you to let light in at your liking while also retaining privacy in your bathroom.
  • Sufficient closet space: You're going to need enough room in your closet to store linens, medicine and other pertinent bathroom supplies. No one likes a cramped bathroom. Why don't you contact Bazaar Home Decorating to help organize your home? We specialize in custom closets which can help you stay neat and tidy.