How to exude charm in your home

The Milwaukee winter has been a tough one, filled with snowstorms and chilly temperatures. However, snow days are the perfect chance to curl up with a good book and get comfy. Nothing says comfort quite like a quaint cottage so take a look at some ideas to transform your house or apartment into a charming abode:

  • Choose the right fabrics: "Every fabric shop carries a wide assortment of solid fabrics in airy voile and gauze (perfect for floaty window treatments), checkered and ticking stripe cotton, and sturdy canvas at a low price per yard," writes contributor Laura Gaskill. "Get creative with other easy-to-find, cheap fabrics as well —muslin, typically used in pattern making, can be used for curtains and for pillow covers primed for embellishing."
  • Get in touch with nature: Do you miss the days when you could look out your window and see and array of greenery instead of piles of snow? You're not alone. Although you are likely craving the warm summer weather, you can still bring life inside of your home by purchasing house plants. Orchids are right on trend and are also low maintenance!
  • Lighten up: Let's face it: the winter is often dark and dingy, but there's no reason your home should look cold and uninviting. Try using light pastel colors inside of your home to evoke feelings of spring. Paint your walls or opt for lavender, yellow or mint green custom curtains and drapes.

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