How to decorate single windows

Now that Valentine's Day is over, it's time to focus our attention on the singles—single windows that is! Many home feature stand-alone windows in their kitchens, bathrooms or other nooks within the house. Decorating these windows doesn't always have to be a challenge. Take a look at these tips on how to purchase curtains or drapes for a single window:

  • Elegant materials: When you're dealing with a single window, you want to make this feature as elaborate as can be in order to stand out. One way to accomplish this goal is to choose a fancier fabric, especially if you're decorating a living or dining room. Choose from an array of materials at our Milwaukee fabric store, ranging from velvet to silk. 
  • Valences: A valance is a great option when decorating a single window, especially in the kitchen. Jazz up your kitchen window with a brightly colored red valance or another color to match your kitchen's accessories. The great thing about a valance is that it's situated high on top of your window so that it remains free from sink splashes.
  • Wide drapes: "If a single window looks too small for the room, or you just want to give it added importance, specify draperies that are wider than the window frame. To extend the illusion even further, add sheers under drapes," writes a blogger for Better Homes and Gardens.

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