How to clean your Milwaukee window blinds

As we've discussed before in this blog, there are a number of reasons why homeowners select blinds for their windows. In terms of functionality, this particular solution simply can't be beat. Not only do blinds guarantee privacy with a quick twist of a wand, but they also enable you to control exactly how much light you want to allow into – or keep out of – your home. There is a variety of different styles to choose from, so whether you're looking for metal, wood or any other material, chances are you can bring your unique vision to life.

However, as is the case with most parts of the home, your blinds will require some maintenance to keep them working properly and looking as good as new. 

You may want to try a couple of these cleaning tips:

Spot cleaning – Anyone with young children can probably understand that it's not entirely uncommon to find spaghetti sauce or ink from magic markers in places where they don't belong. If you notice a soiled area on your blinds, spray an all-purpose cleaner on a dry cloth – never directly onto the slats – and wipe them down. 

Vacuuming – You can use the brush attachment to clear your blinds of loose dust and dirt. But, as home maintenance and decor website says, remember to vacuum across the slats rather than up and down.

It's important to remember that the best way to clean your blinds may vary depending on the material, so for more clarification, check out's article

And, if your window dressings ever require more extensive repairs, at Bazaar Home Decorating we have all the tools needed to fix your Milwaukee window blinds and shades. Our team of friendly staff can help ensure that your damaged blinds are functioning as good as new in no time.