How to choose the right paint color to match your curtains

With the announcement of Pantone's "Color of the Year," as well as other top design trend predictions for 2014, you're likely to have color on your mind. We don't blame you—adding a little color to your interior space can help liven up a room, especially in the cold winter months. However, sometimes choosing the right paint color can be tricky. You're going to want your paint to add a dose of pizzazz without clashing with your home décor. Take a look at some helpful design tips spelled out by Canadian news publication the Nanaimo Daily News.

  • Try it out before committing: Your local hardware store will likely allow you to bring home color palettes in order to find the perfect hue. You can even paint a small section of your wall a certain color to see if you like it. Look at the wall during various conditions, including night, day and overcast weather to see if the color is versatile.
  • Use home décor as an inspiration: If you're unsure of what paint hue to choose, look around your home. The key is creating visual balance by seeing what colors are in your furniture, curtains and throw rugs. "Use those colors to connect rooms. If you have a pattern in your living room, choose one color for the walls, and another for the dining room. Then find dining room accessories that mirror the living room colors," design expert Sara Richardson tells the source.

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