How to achieve the ombre trend in your home

Although the ombre trend—also known as color graduation— has been a popular hair style for the past year, this theme has recently found its way into the home. The variation of hues is a playful way to experiment with color palettes in your space.

"Creating the effect can be as simple as using three levels of gradient (e.g., from white to light blue to dark blue) or can involve many more transitions–all are on trend and stunning," writes Jen Wallace of Ecosalon. "In addition, the transitions can be sharply delineated with clear contrast between the gradients or the transitions from one shade to another can be gradual and subtle."

Simply choose a base color and then corresponding hues in lighter and darker shades. For more tips on how to achieve the look in your Milwaukee home, take a look at DIY suggestions:

  • Artwork: The easiest way to apply the ombre trend to your home is to introduce artwork to your living room. These creations are simple to make, but can jazz up any room on a budget. Choose your favorite color motif and paint a gradual variation on some recycled plywood.
  • Ombre window fashions: Ombre curtains look as gorgeous as a water color painting. By starting out with plain white fabric, you can achieve this look in your own home. Simply purchase some Rit dye and dip your curtains in these shades to create an ombre style.

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