How to accommodate your house guests

The holiday season means baking cookies, wrapping presents and opening up your home to your friends and family. This year, if you have family members visiting from out of town, follow these interior design tips to get your home in great shape.

  • Add individuality: "Even if dust ruffles make your toes curl, consider them for the space where your mom (the queen of dust ruffles) often sleeps," urges contributing writer Sally Augustin. Your holiday guests are likely family members or friends who you know well. Tailor the guest bedroom to their personality. While you don't necessarily have to add dust ruffles to your pad, just adding your house guest's favorite flowers to the room will show your sincerity. 
  • Retain privacy: If your guests are sleeping in a guest room, ensure that the windows are covered with blinds. No one wants to be woken up as soon as the sun rises, especially if they're on a holiday. Blinds will allow your guests to control the lighting in their room. If you're looking to purchase custom window shades and blinds be sure to stop by our Milwaukee showroom! 
  • Use your creativity: If your home doesn't boast enough room for a guest bedroom, make do with what you have. For instance, try incorporating decorative screen dividers into your living room to give your guests more privacy. If you don't have an extra bed for guests, ensure that your futon or pull-out couch is comfortable and make this bedding feel more homey by adding throw pillows and blankets to the décor.