How can I beautify the entryway in my Milwaukee home?

In many homes, the entryway is the first part of the interior that your guests will see, so it's important that yours makes a good impression. It's easy for this section of the house to become dirty and cluttered, since it's usually where people wipe their feet or take off their shoes. But, for homeowners looking to make a statement in this space that so often gets overlooked, there are a lot of fun directions you can take when it comes to the decor and functionality. 

Here are some different ways to beautify your entryway: 

Hang artwork – There's no need to neglect this area. Just because you don't spend a lot of time in the entryway doesn't mean that you and your guests won't notice and enjoy photographs, paintings or other pieces of artwork adorning it. 

Lay down a rug – As home decor magazine Real Simple points out, putting a runner in your entryway shows people the way into your home. Just make sure it's not obstructing the door. 

Paint the walls – If you've been eyeing that bold color that just won't work well in the main parts of your home, this is your chance to splash it on the walls and create a unique vibe. You may want to use warm colors such as deep red or orange. 

Home decor projects often require some planning and foresight to ensure that everything will look good once it is implemented. Fortunately, Milwaukee area residents can turn to Bazaar Home Decorating for their interior design needs. We offer custom window coverings and bedding as well as home organization solutions. If there's anything we can do to help you, just let us know.