Home Projects: Surround Yourself with Beauty & Function

The start of a new year…it feels like a chance to begin again, a blank slate with hopeful energy filling the air. Have you thought about making changes with home projects? Not only is the beginning of the New Year a great opportunity to start fresh, but by completing some home projects on your list, you’ll help yourself create the environment you need to be successful in the coming year. And, this time of year? What else is there to do? If you’ve been putting off projects around your house, now is the perfect time to get started. Harness the positive direction you’re hoping to go, and take this chance to create the ideal atmosphere, designer styling and much-needed organization you’ve been wanting.


Custom Closets? Yes, Please.

home decorating center custom closet home organization home projects

If there’s anything you need, it’s custom closets. The organization and daily function they offer is nothing short of life-changing. In so many of the closets we see, the unused space is dreadful. Why not start with home projects that help you create the kind of organizational systems that your bedrooms, hall closets and kitchen pantry desperately need? The custom features will be tailored to provide you an ‘everything in its place’ feeling, and you’ll be in an overall better mood. It’s easier to clean up, and you won’t have clutter lying around. Another benefit of redesigning a closet? It forces you to go through your things and decide what to keep and what to get rid of.


Custom Window Coverings? Finally.

home projects custom shades

Have you been living with ugly window treatments? Curtains that were in the house long before you moved in? If your window coverings don’t surround you in beautiful style and transforming atmosphere, it’s time for a change. This is definitely something to get started on with your home projects. Why? There’s nothing as important to your productivity, mood and energy than bringing natural light into your home. But, there’s also nothing quite as important to those positives–as well as quality sleep, energy savings and comfort–as the benefits you’ll see from window coverings that are right for your home.


Fabrics? Wait Till You See What’s Possible.

Siddons Design Team

Whether your list of home projects includes adding drapery panels to frame your windows, or reupholstering your favorite–but worn–wingback chair, we can’t wait to show you what’s possible. Do you know we’ve nicknamed our design center “The Inspiration Playground” for all there is to see and experience? The best part is that we can help. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by your home projects. We want to help you get started on creating the home of your dreams this year.


It’s Time to Get Started On Your Home Projects!

If you’ve been waiting to create the home of your dreams, now’s the time to start. Those home projects aren’t just items to check off of your to do list. They’re what will help you accomplish so much more in the coming year. Let us help! Our team, at Bazaar Home Decorating Center, would love to offer design ideas, inspiration and advice for your home projects. Contact us today for a free, in-home consultation!