Home Office Design Done Right

Looking for inspiration for your home office? The home office has become an integral part of interior design, as larger parts of the population choose to work from home. What’s important when it comes to creating the perfect space? You have to think in terms of outcome. The results can drive the project, and you’ll love the finished product!


Get the Lighting Just Right.

home office top down shades WaukeshaIt makes sense that you’d want ideal lighting in your home office design. Too little light prevents you from feeling energetic and productive. Too much light will have you feeling drained and lethargic. Not to sound too much like Goldilocks, but you’ll need design features that offer lighting that’s just right.


Top down shades make it possible to bring mood-enhancing, productivity increasing light in across your ceiling. But while that will offer the positive lighting you’ll need, these shades also allow you to protect the rest of your space from direct light, UV rays and glare–important when talking about a space with screens!


Take Steps to Comfort.

home office smart shades WaukeshaOf course you’ll want to create the most comfortable environment possible. Certain features will set the tone of the atmosphere, and your success is in the details. Have you thought about the temperature of the space? There is a fine line between your home office being too warm, (nap after lunch, anyone?), and too cold, (how many layers do you have to add?). It’s a good idea to find the zone that suits you, and stick with it.


Today’s motorized blinds and shades work in perfect rhythm with your smart home thermostat to ensure the right temperature is maintained over the course of the day. Not only that, but the materials, fabrics and innovative designs bring thermal shades, cellular shades and insultating properties to your windows to keep the energy savings active year round!


Home Office: Some Choices Are Twice As Nice!

dual shades home office design WaukeshaIf you want to have it all, you can! You want a range of control. Get the privacy and light blocking options of blackout, along with the aesthetically pleasing, energy-boosting environment of light filtering. Twice as nice, we’ve got collections known as “dual shade systems” that feature two shades that work independently of each other, but also work together to give you everything you can imagine.


From the sheer shadings of Silhouettes with the secondary roller blackout shade in the background, to beautiful fabrics that rotate from total view-through to room-darkening, you’ll have solutions and designs to create the ultimate home office. At Bazaar Home Decorating, we would love to help you get 2018 off to a successful start! Get in touch with us for a free, in-home design consultation!