Home Design Is Where the Heart Is

Would you love to take the relaxing moments and cherished memories of your favorite vacations and recreate them in your own home? The secret is in the home design elements. Ask anyone about fond memories of vacation, and I’ll bet that they’ll all share commonalities. Time away to unwind, a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and time with those they love. While you can’t be on vacation endlessly, it IS possible to use elements of home design to create the ideal staycation.


Spend Time Together.

living room home design MilwaukeeIn my family, we call it Forced Family Fun. It’s the excursions of vacation that not everyone is on board with–but long after the trip, it’s remembered as the best part. Why? Spending high quality, intentional time together is often rare–especially in the digital age. These experiences bring you closer and help you make connections you wouldn’t normally form in your daily lives. How do you get that to happen in your home? To begin with, create a tradition so it happens on a regular basis, and get it scheduled. Next, indulge your creative side to find activities for some FFF. Board games are a great place to start. Movie night is another one that will win everyone over. They’ll be looking forward to it, whether they tell you or not!


Staycation Home Design: The Living Room

We can help you create the perfect atmosphere for connecting with family and friends in your own home. Enough seating is a great place to start. Your living room also sees an ever-changing schedule throughout the day, so optimal light control is best. We love what motorized shadings can do for this space! Not only will the right window treatments help you meet the needs of every activity, but the features (like room darkening) are great for movie night when you want to really enjoy the media experience!


Get a Good Night’s Sleep.

bedroom home design MilwaukeeNothing is better for restoring and rejuvenating quite like a good night’s sleep. Do you ever notice how prepared vacation spots can be for a well-deserved rest? Plush bedding and layers of light control come to mind. Have you ever woken up in the peacefulness of a blacked out bedroom, wondering what time it was–only to find out the sun had been up for hours? This environment is achievable in your home design.


Staycation Home Design: The Bedroom

Want that amazing rest you get on vacation? Start with light control. It’s always a great idea to have more than one source of light in a room, so a bedside lamp is key to unwinding without having to take the extra effort to get back out of bed when you’re ready for sleep. But, the natural light in the space is what needs adjustable control. We have incredible options for room darkening and blackout features so you can high quality sleep no matter what time of day it is. Whether you need fabrics to block the light, or dual shades to capture the perfect atmosphere, our collection of window treatments will deliver! And, when it comes to comfort, home design looks to bedding. From high-end sheet sets to a custom duvet, you can never go wrong with choosing elements that help you create your very own sanctuary of sleep.


Indulge While Creating Memories.

dining room home design MilwaukeeAnother favorite vacation element is the delicious food and drinks you enjoy while spending time with those you love. It puts everyone in a good mood, and the conversations you have can range from deep philosophical discussions, to ridiculous stories from your everyday lives. Sitting with the people who mean the most to you can last for hours. We know you’d love to be able to pull this off regularly.


Staycation Home Design: The Dining Room

What better way to staycation in your home than whipping up a favorite recipe, pouring some wine and laughing with friends and family. In this case, doing it while trying to attend to daily activities can be difficult, but with a bit of scheduling, it’s a very real possibility. Having your dining space ready for guests is a step in the right direction. Ample seating–that is comfortable–is important when you think about relaxing together for an extended amount of time. Light control is also a consideration. While you may have dimmable lighting for atmosphere, don’t forget that sunset normally occurs while you are having a late dinner and drinks. Your windows should feature view-through so guests can enjoy the landscape, but enough control so they don’t have to wear sunglasses through dessert.


Home Design: Get Ready for Your Staycation!

fabric home design MilwaukeeWe love the idea of making your home the place you go to refresh, rejuvenate and relax with the people you love the most. Our team at Bazaar Home Decorating would love to help you create the perfect staycation design elements. Our expertise covers all areas of interior design in the Milwaukee area, so if you want window treatments, accents, custom bedding and more, we’re here to help! Stop into our showroom for inspiration, browsing and decorating fun, or invite us to your home for a free, in-home consultation.