The Benefits of Exterior Screen Shades

We made it through another winter, high fives all around! It’s time to get outside again and enjoy our outdoor space. Whether you have a pergola, covered patio or gazebo-you’ve waited all year to enjoy it! But, even though the weather is cooperating, sunny days come along with their own problems. Let this be the year to improve your space with Exterior Screen Shades and get the most out of your outdoor living space. 

Relax and Enjoy the View

In order to really relax and enjoy the view, you’ll need protection from the elements. Light filtering screen shades can reduce glare and soften bright sunshine. These shades make your outdoor space more comfortable and don’t impact your view of your beautifully manicured landscape.

outdoor shades on covered patio in Milwaukee

Adjust as Needed

When summer finally arrives, it’s fun to steal an afternoon for some patio time. So make sure your outdoor space is equipped for the ever-changing position of the sun. With draperies or exterior screen shades added, you can enjoy outdoor living no matter where the sun shines. By adjusting your treatments, you can protect your space for a comfortable experience.  

see through black outdoor screen shades on patio

One Tap

Motorized shades make the outdoor experience even better. With the tap of a button, screen shades spring into action and adjust just in the nick of time. Relax and let your shades do the heavy lifting. Your job is to enjoy the sounds of nature.

black patio screen shades in Waukesha

Buzz Off!

Summer nights are perfect for enjoying your outdoor space, but mosquitoes can ruin the vibe and send people home early. Keep the party going with exterior screen shades. Be sure to close up your outdoor space and keep most of the uninvited guests out. Mosquitos can buzz off!

Outdoor patio with screen shades
Outdoor Screen Shades

 Your Favorite Exterior Screen Shades!

The weather is perfect for outdoor entertaining in Milwaukee, make sure you’ve created the ultimate patio experience with adjustable screen shades or draperies. We have a system that is perfect for your space! Enjoy summer to its fullest by controlling the atmosphere. Schedule a FREE at-home consultation to find out more.