Easy tips for picking a color scheme in your home

When it comes to redesigning a room in your Milwaukee area home, one of the most important steps is deciding on a color scheme. While this can seem like an intimidating task, these steps should help ease the process: 

Determine the mood – If you're decorating a bedroom, for example, you may want to stick with calm, tranquil shades like light blue or green. The color of a room has the power to really change how it makes you feel, so it's important to figure out the vibe you're trying to achieve before you make any big changes.

Look at existing decor for inspiration – If you already have a patterned rug that you're hoping to keep in the space you're redesigning, take note of the different shades it features and think about using them as a base for your overall color scheme. This will cut costs during the process, too, since you won't have to buy all new items to match your new hues. 

Play around with a color wheel – Once you select the main pigment, determine how it works with adjacent hues on a the color wheel. "Red that leans toward purple is passionate and sensual, ideal for a bedroom. Red that leans toward orange is stimulating and energetic, a good choice for a kitchen," writes HGTV.com.

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