Discover Blackout Solutions for Your Home

The changing light can really affect the way we feel, how we sleep and what we do. Have you recovered from the recent “spring forward”? Now that the time change has set in, the lengthening of daylight hours requires some adjusting. We love the sunshine, and longer days simply means that summer is on the way. But, if you’re struggling with how to balance the new seasonal light, blackout solutions will be your saving grace.


Early Mornings

Quality sleep is vital to both health and happiness. How is your family sleeping? Are the bedrooms in your home properly equipped with blackout solutions that ensure a good night of sleep? And, what about the mornings? The new seasonal light that wakes everyone up? It’s time to block it out.

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Designer Banded Shades are one of our new favorite blackout solutions. What’s so great about them? Not only do they block out the light, but you can transform the space during daytime hours with one quick rotation. Your shades move from total blackout privacy to sheer beauty.

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Throughout the Day

It’s easy to think that blackout solutions are important in the bedrooms. How’s the light in the rest of your home? The springtime light reminds us that summer is on the way. Do you have east or west facing windows that get blasted with direct sunlight during the day? Are there certain parts of your home that you start to avoid this time of year? The beauty of today’s blackout solutions is that they transition over the course of the day, offering light blocking when you need it most, and light filtering when you want to invite levels of light into your home.

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Many of our blackout solutions offer dual systems, like these Silhouette shades. Use the second blackout roller shade whenever you need it, and enjoy light filtering the rest of the time. Because the dual shadings allow you to operate the blackout solutions independent of the primary shade, it’s easy to customize the entering light. And, the best blackout solutions are the ones you don’t have to adjust at all. No, we don’t mean living in a cave all the time. Smart shades move to the rhythm of your life, adjusting themselves over the course of the day. They’re always in the right place at the right time.

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Are there spots in your home where the light is unbearable–for only a small portion of time? The best blackout solutions are ones that offer the light blocking capability, but also allow you a beautiful view of your landscape. Adjustable louvers, like on these plantation shutters, allow you to block the blinding light, but then easily adjust when you want the light entering–or tilt for directional light control. Window shades and blinds with vanes and slats are very similar. Adjust them easily to change how you use the space.


Relaxation Time

You’ve had a stressful day. All you want to do is eat dinner in a calm, peaceful environment. Relaxing on the couch before bedtime means enjoying your favorite show with a cup of tea. How can you relax if the early evening or setting sun is glaring through your windows? You might need more than just light filtering to be comfortable. Blackout solutions work well in your main living areas because there are definitely times when the sun can invade the space. Movie night? Turn your living space into a media room by adjusting the fabric vanes of your sheers closed, just like these Pirouette Shades.

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No one has to pick their seat based on the sunlight. There won’t be a glare on the TV. These blackout solutions allow you to enjoy the light when you want and close off your windows when you don’t want it. Even better–when it’s bedtime, blackout solutions come in really handy. You won’t have to listen to your kids say, “Buuuut, it’s still light outside!” because it will be dark. Really, really dark.

Blackout Solutions to the Rescue

You probably have window coverings in your home. But did you know all that was possible with these blackout solutions? We’ve got so many more. You can customize the way the light interacts with your home and your life. Come visit us at our showroom to see what’s possible. Or, invite us to your home for a FREE in-home design consultation. We can chat about your unique home and windows, guiding you to the best blackout solutions for you. Contact our team at Bazaar Home decorating today!