Design in the right light

Light is one of the most important elements in a room, but too much can make rich colors look bleached. Gaining the right balance of light can influence the mood and truly pull a room together.

Controlling your light

If your room is on a side of the house that gets a lot of sun, you may want to think about installing custom window shades to better control how much light is getting in. The advantage with shades over curtains for this purpose is that shades give you incremental control allowing you to set exactly the right amount of sunlight you want flooding (or trickling) into your room. Curtains, like a light switch, only have an "on or off" mode. Combined with sheer drapes, shades can turn harsh bleaching sunlight into moderated, soft mood lighting. In Milwaukee, custom window shades of the highest quality can only be found at the Bazaar Home Decorating Center

Increasing your light

Very frequently the problem may be that there simply is not enough light getting into a room. This might discourage you from putting too much effort into design since it'll usually be too dark to be fully appreciated. There's a way around this. Using mirrors, you can spread what light is getting into the room a little further. The large, slightly convex mirror on the opposite wall to a window will scatter the light. You can also angle standing mirrors to bounce sunlight into darker areas of the room. It's just like having a secondary light source.

All that's left is to call or visit Bazaar Home Decorating Center and let our design professionals find the perfect custom fixtures and fabrics to tie your room design together.