Waiting to Get Design Help? Don’t Let These 3 Reasons Stop You.

Have you found it difficult to sleep comfortably because sunlight floods your bedroom? What about those times when you feel like your neighbors can see your every move? If this sounds like your home, it might be time to get some design help. Don’t suffer from the issues caused by lack of light and privacy control! Instead, meet with one of our designers and get professional help–all in the comfort of your own home! What’s stopping you? We might know…but, don’t let these common worries hold you back from changing your atmosphere.


#1 It’s Embarrassing…

home design adviceWhether you have old, dirty blinds, bare windows, or outdated styles, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your existing (or non-existent) window treatments. The important thing is for you to get the right window coverings to enhance your life and design. That’s where we step in. We’ll come show you options that fit your needs and goals. Imagine: gorgeous style, incredible function, and the latest features. We can make it happen! Don’t worry about your old window treatments; we’ll replace them in no time.


#2 My House Is a Mess!

design consultationWe’ve seen it all. Dishes piling up from the past week, piles of laundry laying around the house, and half-eaten breakfast still sitting on the table. We don’t mind! Don’t let a messy house interfere with getting the design help you’re looking for. We’ll show you life-changing solutions for your windows and doors. Slide those uneaten waffles over, and sit down with us. We’ll figure out the best options for your home and lifestyle.


#3 I Can’t Decide What to Get

free in home consultationThat’s why we’re here. We want to hear about your design style and function goals, then we’ll take it from there. Our expert designers will walk you through options that will meet your goals and add beauty to your home design. We’ll show you different fabrics that will take your design to the next level. Plus, our incredible features will simplify your life. We’ll show you how to gain function with your window treatments.


Don’t Worry, Get Design Help

We know you may be hesitant on getting design help for many reasons, but push your worries aside and invite us over! You’ll be glad you did. Transform your home with an updated style, plus gain all of the incredible benefits window treatments have to offer, like light and privacy control. Your transformation is just a click away. Let our expert designers guide you to the best solutions for your home. Contact our team today at Bazaar Home Decorating for your free, in-home consultation. We can’t wait to get started on your project!