Decorating Your Home with Stencils

A recent article in the Toronto Star examines the art of stenciling, claiming that incorporating this type of decor in one’s house has become quite trendy as people opt for big, bold, fashion-forward designs. Melanie Royals, founder of stencil maker Royal Design Studio in California, brings up the compelling point that this craft allows homeowners to be creative without having to be an amazing free-hand painter. It lets people put a do-it-yourself (DIY) spin on their space so they can show it off to their friends with a sense of accomplishment and say, “I did that.”

If you’re hoping to purchase stencils and engage in some fun home projects, you may want to consider applying this technique to the following:

Decorative items – You can easily make your own art on a blank canvas to hang, or use paper and insert it into a unique picture frame. This way, you can hang your finished product on the wall and enjoy it every day. It’s a great alternative to a purchased painting since it’s handmade.

Furniture – You can create a one-of-a-kind piece by adding your own special touch to existing furniture. This cupboard features a floral design that’s both beautiful and charming.

Walls – Wallpaper can be a real hassle to install and remove, but stenciling with paints can give you a similar vibe. The Toronto Star recommends implementing a subtle tone-on-tone look by using a slightly lighter or darker shade than the background color. We love this project created by Juliette over at The Shady Gal.

woman stencils wall in bedroom

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