Decorating with neon: A bright idea for 2013

If you’ve been to the mall recently, you’ve probably noticed that when it comes to fashion, neon is in right now. Love it or hate it, these alarmingly bright shades of classic colors have even carried over into home decor. With springtime approaching in a couple months, it’s as good a time as any to think about adding pops of neon to your house.

These kinds of colors can be overwhelming if used incorrectly, so when decorating with neon, you may want to consider some of the following ideas:

Featuring neon in your “fun” room – While you might want to keep the main areas of your house such as the dining room and the living room looking more traditional, perhaps there are some opportunities to incorporate neon into a playroom or an office. Think about investing in some bold, patterned custom curtains and drapes that include splashes of neon.

Painting one of your bathroom walls neon – This is a great way to bring some life to a dull bathroom and give it a fresh, fun look. By using a neon color to paint one of your bathroom walls while keeping the rest of them white, you can keep it from looking too excessive. 

Purchasing a neon rug – A beautiful rug can really bring a room together, and buying one that features bold neon shades can give your space a welcome pop of color.

Using neon as an accent color – By pairing bright colors with neutral, masculine shades such as grey or beige, you can give your room a modern vibe. Consider getting in touch with your local Milwaukee fabric store to discuss some options for custom pillows, for example, to feature on a monochromatic sofa.