Daylighting: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Light Naturally

Fall is upon us, and winter is quickly approaching. Has the amount of light in your home decreased? Daylighting is the answer. As we get farther into the season of autumn, the sun sets earlier and the evening light decreases. This can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. And, you certainly don’t need bare windows to let the maximum amount of light into your rooms. Check out some of our ideas for maximizing the light in your home.


#1 Direct Light Through Daylighting

top down shades daylightingBare windows are certainly a way to bring light into your home, but then you’re left with a host of other issues. Too much light, UV rays, uncomfortable glare, no privacy–all of these result in you and your family’s discomfort. Daylighting allows you to bring in natural light to illuminate your home. Consider directing the light across your ceiling. Top down shades are perfect for daylighting since you can direct the natural light by lowering the shades from the top, which then allows the light to flow in across your ceiling. Your rooms will be comfortably lit, but you’ll still control the amount, the privacy and the protection of the environment in your home.


#2 Use Technology

motorized daylightingSometimes the change of seasons can bring weather that’s all over the place. It’s simply unpredictable. Instead of manually changing the setting of your window coverings, to deal with the ever-changing season, use technology to create the perfect schedule for daylighting. Motorized blinds and shades allow you to set a custom schedule depending on your home. You know which rooms get the least light and the rooms that are often too bright. Is your kitchen super bright in the morning, but darker in the evening? Create settings that allow for less light in the morning and more at night! And then, enjoy. It’s that simple.


#3 Change the Direction of the Light

shutters daylightingThe amount of light you want in each room may depend on the time of day, your schedule, or the weather. An easy way to take control of daylighting is to adjust the direction in which light is flowing into your home. By adjusting your blinds, shades, and shutters, you can decide on the amount of light you want for every situation. Are you playing a game with your family? Adjust the blinds for more light. Are you watching a scary movie? Close the shades for effect! Every room is unique, and adjusting the direction of light will help you create your desired environment.


#4 Beautify Your Bare Windows

Montagu Square
As we said before, bare windows can be damaging and annoying. They allow for too much light and leave your rooms looking unfinished. If you have a room that is typically dark, you might need bare windows for the maximum amount of light. That’s okay, but consider adding drapery panels to create a finished look. You can pick a style that beautifies your room, while allowing for more control over the amount of light that flows in. You can still have a lot of natural light, but you also add the option to close off the window for privacy. Not to mention, drapery panels can add style and a finished look to any room.


#5 Take Control of Your Space

sheer shades daylightingDo you find yourself moving to the opposite side of your bedroom because there’s too much light? Or, are you stuck in a dark area of your living room, wishing you had more natural light to work with? With the use of daylighting, you can correct all of the issues that exposed windows bring. Consider adding window treatments that maximize the light to your liking. Sheer shadings are an ideal choice. They invite glowing, filtered light, to brighten the atmosphere while you sit back and revel in the view of the outdoors. You’ll be happier spending time at home.


Get Started on Daylighting

Lighting can have an effect on mood, style, and your personal energy. Daylighting is an easy way to fix the harsh or underexposed lighting in your rooms. Are you unsure of which technique will work best? Contact us at Bazaar Home Decorating with your questions. We also offer a free, in-home consultation. We’re here to help!