Top 8 Reasons You Should Cover Your Windows

Have you found yourself looking for the right solutions to solve issues with your windows? Perhaps you’re considering whether to cover your windows, or not? We’re here to let you know–it’s in your best interest to do so! Let’s take a look at the how and why…

#1 Eliminate Glare

It’s annoying, distracting, unnecessary…the list goes on. You should relax in your own space and be able to use screens whenever you’d like without glare. We are all using screens more than we’d care to admit, but that’s the reality. Worried if you cover your windows the natural light and views will be gone? Well, think again! There are many options that bring in that coveted light, without blocking the view, yet getting rid of glare.

#2 Shield Against UV Damage

We bet if you have hardwood floors you’re no stranger to the effects of UV damage. However, it doesn’t stop there. UV rays can fade painted walls, area rugs, upholstery, furniture, artwork and more! When you cover your windows, you’re actually preventing further damage to your decor and space for the future.

dining room in need of UV protection

#3 Get Better Sleep

1 in 3 adults, according to the CDC, does not get the correct amount of sleep. Anyone in your household suffer from this? If you’re familiar with a lack of sleep, it’s time to make a change. The correct window treatments, like room darkening or blackout, can help you fall asleep quicker, easier, and for a longer time.

room darkening smart shades for master bedroom
Designer Roller Shades

#4 Obtain Privacy

The obvious spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms are a must with privacy. But, what about the other “not so obvious” areas? Even if a room is a high traffic area, you still wouldn’t want everyone seeing in. When nighttime comes, outsiders can see right into every space if you don’t cover your windows. Even if you really like your neighbors, having them see your every move probably doesn’t sound comfortable.

increase privacy with window shades
Duette® Shades

#5 Add Security

Another reason is for when you aren’t home. Possible intruders would not have a way to view the home with covered windows. And with smart technology, it’s easier than ever to control settings and secure your home–even across the country.

the best shades for skylights
PowerView® Automation

#6 Save Money on Energy Bills

With energy efficient window coverings, your pocketbook will thank you! The Midwest can get hot, and it sure can get cold, so it’s important to cover your windows with the correct solutions to keep the family comfortable.

insulating window treatments Milwaukee
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades

#7 Enjoy the Perfect Lighting

Window coverings used to have this notion: They were either just on, or just off. There wasn’t really an in-between light control that could let soft light in for a more delicate glow. Now, the possibilities are endless. They can enhance the mood of your home with whatever light amount you chose.

home office with banded dual opacity shades and floor to ceiling curtains with green and blue ferns
Design Studio™ Draperies with Designer Banded Shades

#8 Be Stylish

Window coverings are not only useful, but they can be an incredible design element. They bring beautiful layers of fabric and an amazing focal point for each space. Mixtures of texture, colors, and styles can drastically improve your home.

uniquely shaped Arched window in milwaukee living room
Design Studio™ Roman Shades & Draperies

Ready to Cover Your Windows?

Bazaar Home Decorating Center’s team should be the next reason why you should cover your windows. Our expert team wants to help find exactly what window coverings will suit your needs and improve your home. We are your guides for this wonderful upgrade that you’ll wish you had done a long time ago! Contact us today to get started with your free in-home design consultation today!