Cordless Options: Absolute Safety + Incredible Convenience

It’s official. Fall has arrived, and the month of October brings National Window Covering Safety Month. You may not realize the danger of having corded window coverings in homes with infants and children. That’s exactly why the campaign was started. It’s aim is to help prevent accidental injuries and deaths by educating and urging parents and caregivers to remove the hazards. Here at Bazaar Home Decorating, we know that the safety of your family is a top priority for you. And, it is for us, too! We offer many cordless options. Designed for safety, convenience, and beauty, our child-safe operating systems provide incredible benefits and the peace of mind you deserve. Take a look at what they can do throughout your home and your life.


Cordless Options MilwaukeeBedrooms: Rest Easy

  • Cordless for tremendous safety
  • Blackout solutions for quality sleep
  • Adjustable privacy for maximum comfort
  • Styles that grow with your child

Your children’s bedrooms should be comfortable havens for them to snuggle into every night. Cordless options keep your kids safe while creating the ideal sleeping environment. With our LiteRise lifting system, secure privacy and quiet darkness are yours by simply pulling the blinds closed with your fingers. Your little ones can get the quality sleep they need to grow and thrive. And you can rest easy knowing that they’re safe. Then, if your kids decide to peek outside in the morning, they can easily push the shades up all by themselves.


Cordless Options MilwaukeePlayrooms: Play Joyfully

  • Cordless for protected play
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Easy operation for simple adjustments
  • A range of light and privacy options

Exploring, creating, and imagining are what children do best! Fashioning safe play spaces frees them up to have some serious fun. Plus, it means you don’t have to worry. Cordless options for window coverings completely eliminate the risks of tangles and strangulation. Shutters are a favorite choice for playrooms because they’re incredibly durable, easy to clean, cordless by design, and gorgeous! With adjustable light and privacy control, the perfect environment for play is always at your fingertips.


Cordless Options MilwaukeeThe Whole House: Enjoy Life

  • Cordless for a safer home environment
  • Versatile light control for the ideal atmosphere
  • Motorized and automatic operation for the ultimate in convenience
  • Room-darkening options for the perfect scene

Having cordless options isn’t just important in bedrooms and playrooms. Outfitting all of your windows with child-safe blinds and shades creates the safe home you want for your children…and the safe home they deserve. PowerView Motorization is a phenomenal way to ensure safety and add amazing convenience to your life. A single tap on a remote, wireless wall switch, or your favorite device gives you instant control of your window coverings. And an automatic schedule of adjustments means you’ll always have the ideal atmosphere and more time to enjoy life with your family.


Ready to Explore Cordless Options for Your Home?

Cordless options are essential for homes with young children, but they’re also best for pets too. Here at Bazaar Home Decorating, we’re dedicated to making your home safer for all of the ones you love–little ones and furry ones alike. So, let’s explore safe solutions for your windows that will add beautiful style and convenient control. LiteRise, shutters, and motorization are just the beginning. Stop into our Milwaukee-area showroom. Or, contact us to schedule a free, shop-at-home experience with one of our designers. Your family’s safety depends on it!