Convenience & Control: PowerView Motorized Window Shades

Control the atmosphere, temperature, privacy and energy efficiency of your home with the touch of a button–could there be anything better? What if we told you there IS something better? It’s all of those benefits–and you get to choose whether the control comes with or without the touch of a button. Introducing PowerView automation–lifestyle control with exactly the power you need for the ultimate control and comfort of your home, exactly how you want to control it. Find out how PowerView motorized window shades and blinds will transform your home and your life in Milwaukee.


Instant Power

PowerView motorized window shades Pebble remote MilwaukeeYour garage door, the microwave, the dishwasher–it’s push button control that you probably can’t live without. Have you imagined having that same experience with the light control, privacy and energy efficiency of your home? Now, you can. With PowerView motorized window shades, you get push button control for opening, closing and adjusting your window shades and blinds. Convenience and control, exactly when you need it. And with the sleek, contemporary look of the PowerView Pebble remote, you never have to hide an ugly remote again. The PowerView Pebble remote was designed to be intentional decor for your home–offered in a range of trend-setting colors for the perfect accent. Does it get better? Actually, it does…


Intuitive Technology

PowerView motorized window shades PowerView App MilwaukeeDon’t you wish that sometimes you had a personal assistant who could just pick up the slack wherever you needed it? Well, that assistant just arrived. With PowerView automation, your home can run like a well-oiled machine. Forget to shut the window coverings before leaving on a hectic morning? No problem. Your PowerView motorized window shades can be activated from anywhere with the PowerView App. Not the last person to leave your house in the morning? It’s taken care of with a simple check in. You can communicate with your PowerView motorized window shades on the PowerView App. Check to see what position they are in, and then with one swipe, set them where you want them. It’s that easy–like having a personal assistant for the atmosphere of your home.


The Perfect Scene…Every Time

PowerView motorized window shades solera shades MilwaukeePowerView is the best version of automated window coverings. It’s the result of user experience, and we have tailored it to fit exactly what you need. It’s also customizable, which takes the tailoring to a whole new level. Not only can you activate your PowerView motorized window shades from anywhere in the world with your favorite device, you can also set schedules that fit your lifestyle. Then you never have to think about it again. Light control, energy efficiency, privacy, room-darkening, atmosphere–the list goes on and on. And we’re still not done. We think the best part of PowerView automation is the Scene Selector. You know your home better than anyone, and now you can create your favorite scenes with windows and rooms that all function independently of each other for the best experience possible. From a “Morning Coffee” scene that is set to bring the morning light in gently with your top-down bottom-up window shades, to a “Movie Night” scene that lowers blackout shades in your family room for the best viewing experience, you will experience an integrated lifestyle with this ultimate control. Enjoy your home–and your life–to the fullest with the brilliance of PowerView motorized shades.

Interested in experiencing this life-changing transformation? We thought so. You’d be surprised to learn that adding automation to your home with PowerView motorized window shades is much more affordable than it once used to be. We’d love to share more about this technology with you. And this is the best time to find out about adding beautiful window shades to your Milwaukee home. Our Season of Style sale is on now, saving you a tremendous amount on our most popular window shades. Contact our team, at Bazaar Home Decorating, for a free, in-home consultation.