Consider slipcovers for your leather furniture in the summer

After Memorial Day marked the unofficial start of the summer season, many Milwaukee residents realized that it was time to refresh their decor so that it better matched the warm weather. Whether this meant taking up rugs to have them cleaned and brighten the space for the summer, changing out window treatments or other simple tasks, it's nice to reimagine a space for the season. 

One area where you might be running into trouble is if you have leather couches, however. It's no secret that this material absorbs heat particularly well, and anyone has sat on it while wearing shorts knows that it's not always the most pleasant for the summer. But leather furniture is typically an investment, so you won't want to replace it just for the season. 

Luckily, that's not your only option. Slipcovers can be a great choice for your couch or accent chairs during the summer, protecting them from some of the hazards that they might encounter from children who are home for a few months, while simultaneously making them useful even if there's a hot sun shining through the window all day. 

You can choose whatever fabric you like for your slipcovers. Start at our Milwaukee fabric store for advice and inspiration. We can help you decide whether you want one or two fabrics and even suggest that you make extras such as throw pillows to complete the look. Brighten your house for the summer and make it more useful by choosing a practical solution such as this one.